"Something Happened On Your 25th Birthday That Has You DOOMED To Grow Old...

...Unless You Pay Attention To This Urgent Message."

"When prestigious publications like the Journal of American Medicine write about anti-aging treatments, people listen. Will you?"


Telomerance telomeraze enzyme supplement

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Dear New Best Friend:

ecent research has shown that inserting a gene for the protein component of telomerase into senescent human cells re-extends their telomerase to lengths typical of young cells, and the cells then display all the other identifiable characteristics of young, healthy cells.

-- Journal of American Medicine

“Let me turn that quote into English for you...”

As the body ages our cells lose some of their ability to regenerate and to perform the functions they were designed to perform. Our hair turns gray, eyesight and hearing fade and even our organs begin to deteriorate. Most scientists will tell you that the aging process is brought about by changes in the proteins, lipids and nucleic acids such as DNA and RNA that make up our cellular structure.

What the Journal article is saying is that experiments have shown that this aging process can be slowed down by introducing certain changes to aging cells, and when those changes are introduced, the cells rejuvenate to the point that they function as if they were much younger.

As scientists continue searching for the equivalent of the 'fountain of youth' by taking closer looks at cellular structures and the impacts of stress and diet on aging, everyday people are looking for solutions today. That's why those who can afford it are paying upwards of $25,000 a year--or more, for procedures such as hormone therapies, DNA analysis, and anti-aging cosmetic surgeries.


“But what about people like us who can't afford to cash out our 401Ks to slow down our aging process? ”

Introducing Telomerance™ Plus

Telomerance™ Plus is a revolutionary anti-aging telomerase enzyme supplement formulated to "roll back" the cellular aging process and radically alter the way you physically look and viscerally experience life.


"How does Telomerance™ Plus work and what is this 'telomerase enzyme' anyway?"

According to the publication Anti-Aging Today, "Telomerase is a new theory of aging that holds many promising possibilities for the field of anti-aging medicine." The report goes on to say that scientists at the Geron Corporation in Menlo Park, California discovered that "Telomerase enzymes are sequences of nucleic acids extending from the ends of our chromosomes and acting to maintain their integrity.

The tragedy that occurs on everyone's 25th birthday is that from this point on every time their cells replicate, the telomerase enzymes that translate the information required to replicate an identical youthful cell are shortened--creating a "lost in translation" scenario that leads to the cellular damage and ultimate cellular death that is incorrectly called aging."

Telomerance™ Plus introduces critical Anti-Aging and Immune System-Strengthening custom peptide formula into your body that activates telomerase enzymes within the cells. Telomerance™ Plus has allowed our clientele to experience cellular replication that is free from the errors that cause aging.


“Here's the scientific basis behind this amazing discovery:”

Telomeres Adult Stem Cells

Much of the research conducted to date has led scientists to discover that one of the keys to slowing down again and rebuilding cells is the enzyme known as telomerase.

The role of telomerase appears to be manipulating the life of the cell by presiding over the mechanism that controls how long the cell lives. Some cancer researchers believe that the creation of a targeted telomerase inhibitor may actually be able to stop a cancer cell's ability to divide--thus stopping the spread of cancer. It is even widely believed that specialized telomerase enzymes might actually be able to convert cancer cells back into normal cells!

Despite the fact there is continuous research going on in the field of anti-aging, there has yet to be a consensus on the actual cause of cellular deterioration that account for the aging process. As soon as one theory is developed, another group of scientists dispute it and then publish their own contradictory theories. Isn't it supremely ironic (as Dr.Hans Kugler, editor of the Journal of Longevity Research agrees) that many of the world's leading anti-aging scientists are busy dying of old age themselves because they can't put aside their own scientific egos?

Once of the most confounding issues faced by researchers is the fact that the aging process is not predictable or uniform across all of humanity. Each of us age differently based upon our genetic makeup, degree of stress, dietary habits, environment, etc. As a matter of fact the only thing all of us share in common is the fact that we are all aging and all our cells will eventually give out.

That is, until now:

"But while the scientific community is busy arguing with each other and creating new 'theories,' some have actually taken the steps to discover new methods for telomerase enzymes activation in order to create a supplement that brings science reality into the room NOW-- not at some future time when it will do you no good."

Telomerance anti-aging supplement
So now you know why Telomerance™ Plus is such a paradigm-shifting product. It activates the exact enzymes that degrade past your 25th birthday and extends telomeres. It's just like bringing a dying plant back to life with just some water and fertilizer. Telomerance™ Plus is the "water and fertilizer" that your cells need to flourish and reproduce perfectly.

"But is it easy to use?"

Yes! Telomerance™ Plus is available in a 15-milliliter (15cc) liquid. This single vial of Telomerance™ Plus represents a "full-body cellular telomerase activation" for a full-grown adult. Telomerance™ Plus is taken orally every 6 months. You take 5 drops under your tongue (and absorbed within a minute) every day for 2 weeks and then take a 2 week break. It will take 6 months to finish the product. It doesn't get easier than that!

(Telomerance™ Plus is sold as a dietary supplement only, and is not sold to treat, prevent, diagnose, or cure any diseases or illnesses. Please consult a physician before taking this or any dietary supplement)


“Who Discovered Telomerance™ Plus?”

Telomerance™ Plus is the product of groundbreaking research from Orgone Web Co. using today's most current technology to activate critical anti-aging telomerase enzymes and extend telomere length following their proprietary "2 weeks on, 2 weeks off" cycle.

“Why Should I Try Telomerance™ Plus?”

anti-aging supplement Telomerance hourglass effect

I'm sure you are still skeptical as to why we make such bold claims about the effectiveness of Telomerance™ Plus.

The answer boils down to one simple fact:

Telomerance™ Plus is in our experience the best thing out there. While it will not treat, mitigate, or cure any age-related disease, it will enhance the user's own cellular and metabolic ability to repair or correct  cellular, organal, hormonal or skin-related problems.  Each individual in our tests has shown different results as the age-related symptoms themselves differ from person-to-person. 

“How Do I Get Telomerance™ Plus?”

One bottle of Telomerance™ Plus is only $295.00 ($10 Priority Shipping to all US customers and Express Mail overseas). It's a little more pricey than other "anti-aging" nutritional supplements (resveratrol anyone?) at your local vitamin shop or on the internet. However, the price of Telomerance™ Plus is less then 3% of the cost of similar products used in anti-aging clinics that involve the telomerase enzyme. I mean, the difference between $295 and $8,000 is pretty big, don't you think? It used to be that anti-aging therapies were an obsession of the rich and priviliged, only. Telomerance™ Plus has changed all of that.

3 Really Good Reasons You Should Try Telomerance™ Plus Right Now!

Telomerance™ Plus resets your "body time clock" enabling celular rejuvination and well being

Telomerance™ Plus "renews" your DNA and enables your body to produce more life-supporting stem cells..

Telomerance™ Plus possesses the ability to support a physical "age reversal" from the inside out--without any side effects!

“Why You Can Trust Telomerance™ Plus

Would you rather wonder if you could have done something about your "aging problem" or would you rather have taken the first steps to a healthier, younger you right now? You'll never know how well Telomerance™ Plus works until you try it yourself. Just reading about how good it is won't make you look and feel better, and here is your opportunity to take action and reclaim the youth you thought you'd lost forever. From childhood on through adulthood, the pressures of modern society systematically strip away our awareness, our choices, and finally our youth itself. With the ever-increasing pressures afforded by accelerating technologies, is it any wonder that visible "aging symptoms" are occurring in younger and younger people?

“What kind of results can you expect when you use Telomerance™ Plus?”


"...extends the reproductive stage of your body's stem cells and improves your glands' hormone producing lifespan..."


"...introduces critical anti-aging peptides to activate and extend telomeres..."


"...resets the genetic blueprint of your DNA to your body to the original, youthful version... "


"...renews your functional DNA to regain its' ability to recombine again..."


"...restores your body to the physical and cellular state where cellular reproduction repairs its functions, enabling your body to return to its' optimal youthful functionality..."


Here's the bottom line:

You want to look and feel younger again...

Telomerance™ Plus is an easy and affordable way to get back the perpetual youth that is your birthright!

The choice is yours. You can continue to do nothing while waiting patiently for the scientific community to come into a universal agreement, or you can get your real, youthfull self back with a safe and easy-to-take nutritional supplement that's more effective than anything else out there!

Remember, Telomerance™ Plus is only available on the internet, so act now!


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Don't wait another minute, take control and get results with Telomerance™ Plus.

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