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Home remedies for teeth whitening

Everyone wants to have white sparkling teeth but unfortunately some of us are way too conscious when it comes to going to a dentist or buying one of those teeth whitening kits you use in the comfort of your own home. We would rather prepare our own teeth whitening home remedy and feel better about ourselves in the process.

Just like you, I’ve though about it myself for a long time now. To find a perfect solution to a problem a teeth whitening the natural way. Finally after some research into safe alternatives that won’t destroy your teeth in the long run, I discovered some natural methods that actually work.

Why whiten teeth the natural way instead of going to the dentist, you ask? Having white teeth is important because people notice it when you talk and when you smile. Yet you don’t want to apply harsh chemicals to them as they can damage the enamel. They can also make your gums very sensitive. You also don’t want to pay for hundreds of dollars for teeth whitening procedures in your dental office.

There are quite a few home remedies for teeth whitening that do work. You can get results in very little time. You can do so without the expensive and without damaging your teeth or gums. Make a paste out of baking soda and fresh strawberries that are mashed up. Place the mixture on the teeth for about five minutes and then rinse it off. Many people want to use their regular toothpaste afterwards too in order to remove all the grit and the taste from their mouth, but I recommend instead use Dr. Bronner’s bar soap or a homemade tooth paste I wrote about in the post How to regrow or repair bad teeth naturally. You will get used to the taste in a few days and your teeth will love you for the healthy alternative.

If you don’t like strawberries or they aren’t in season, mix a few drops of vinegar, a dash of sea salt, and the baking soda into a paste. You will want to brush your teeth as normal afterwards. Some people find they can get results with just the baking soda and water if they don’t have deep stains to remove. Again, use soap to complete the cleaning process.

Rinsing your mouth with hydrogen peroxide is a fast and safe way to whiten your teeth too. Place a cup of water with 5-10 drops of food grade hydrogen peroxide in it in the bathroom and swish with it each time you go in there. It will also help with bad breath because it does eliminate harmful bacteria in the mouth. This is one of the least expensive home remedies for teeth whitening that you will find. Also, the combination of baking soda and hydrogen peroxide works wonders for whitening.

Brushing your teeth with apple cider vinegar is very common. It can help a person to get teeth that look like they have just been cleaned. It can take a while though, if you have some stubborn stains that need to be loosened up and removed. Not everyone is fine with the taste of apple cider vinegar though so you may have to experiment to see if this is an option you can handle or not. As with every acid that has the potential to destroy the enamel, brush your teeth with base (soap) right away. This is the least of my favorite remedies, but I want you to know about it and the potential of harming your teeth if you use it.

It isn’t always easy to brush your teeth after meals like we should. It also isn’t always easy to eat healthy. Consuming apples is a great way to help whiten your teeth naturally. It is also a very healthy snack for you. The juices in apples help to neutralize the acids in other foods that can result in teeth being a different color than pearly white.

Not all home remedies for teeth whitening should be followed though so you do need to be careful. Many people try it with the use of lemon juice but that stripes the teeth of their calcium and… you said it, enamel. As a result they will be whiter but weaker. They will be very susceptible to cavities and other forms of decay.

Buy some activated charcoal tablets at your local chemist/pharmacist as it is the great home remedy for whitening teeth. To use it, rub your wet toothbrush against the tablet to make it wet, then dip it in some baking soda, and use the resulting paste to brush your teeth. Don’t forget to brush your teeth with a little bit of soap afterwards. You can substitute charcoal with wood ash from your fireplace with the same effect. Or burn a toast and scrape the black part of it. Works as well.

Some say after regular teeth brushing, finish with the job with cleaning your teeth with extra virgin olive oil. Put some on your toothbrush and brush it. Not sure myself if it works, but people swear by it.

Some use a combination of fish oil, butter and a little bit of sea salt to brush your teeth with and had great results making their smiles brighter. I haven’t tried it but, if you do, let me know.

There are reports that you can use lemon peels or orange peels to whiten your teeth naturally as well. There is too much acid found in these products though. While they do seem like they give you whiter teeth that acid is going to cause some severe damage for your teeth overall. Make sure you only use home remedies for teeth whitening that are going to promote healthy teeth and gums.

One of the best books I found was from one of the top cosmetic dentists in London Dr. Hans Lock. He wrote an e-book (downloadable to your computer) “The Ultimate Guide to Effective Home Teeth Whitening” that really opened my eyes on little details on how it has to be done properly without destroying your teeth. Good stuff… If you are still looking for a tooth whitening kit, my friend used one from WhiteningNow and was very impressed by the results. They offer a free trial right now at no cost to you: Teeth Whitening Kit Free Trial.


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