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Deuterium detox & energized water

pure clear drinking waterA lot of people underestimate how important water is in their lives. They think if they drink 8 glasses a day, it’s just what the doctor ordered. Human body is 90% water for a baby and it drops down to 60-65% for elderly. Knowing this, would it make sense to drink pure high quality water every day? Unfortunately, for most people it’s not the case.

But it can be. All you do is to spend some time and money to get the process I describe in this post started and I guarantee you will enjoy healthier, more productive life.

First, if you drink tap water, stop today. Go online and buy a good water filtration unit. There are many to choose from and here is my take on it:

– Do not bother with cheap products like Brita. They’re better then nothing but won’t filter out finest chemical particles.
Water Distillers are good but only if you add a tiny bit of a good quality sea salt to replace the mineral content, because some people say distilled water has shown to “leech out” minerals as it passes through your body. Others say it’s just a myth and there is no scientific evidence for such a claim.
– If you can afford, buy a 2 or 3-stage countertop filter, but even a single filter unit is good enough. contertop filter has a good variety of water countertop filters to chose from for as low as $40.

Some people like to drink bottled water, but to me it’s just a waist of money. A few popular brands of water are simply filtered tap water. You might as well do it yourself and give saved money to a charity instead of Coca-Cola company (Yes, they are the top seller of filtered water these days).

Still, drinking filtered water is not enough. This water is dead, lifeless, has no energy. In the past, our ancestors would get their water from a mountain stream or an underground well where the water would pass through natural filtration stages and get energized by Nature. If you ever drunk from a mountain stream, you know well what I’m talking about.

Before I teach you how to energize your own water without spending your hard earned money on fancy devices or supplements, I want to tell you about Deuterium or “heavy water“. Most people never heard of it and I’m not surprised. It’s commonly known as “heavy water”, D2O or ²H2O, a by-product of a nuclear power plant and some other manufacturing processes.

There were times when all our water supply had very little deuterium in it, but now due to constant water contamination 1 in 6400 hydrogen atoms is deuterium. Some concerned scientists even claim the accumulation of deuterium in the human body might be a contributing cause of faster aging and disease. Research has shown that when deuterium is present, normal reactions in cells are disrupted (especially cell division).

I truly believe the “heavy water” problem is swept under a rug because there is very little we can do to fix it. You can’t filter it out with an exception of some sophisticated methods of distillation and electrolysis with expensive equipment. You can’t taste it, unless the water is really “heavy”. You drink the water and most of the “heavy water” molecules get accumulated in the body, especially in the fat deposits.

I’ve been researching deuterium and how to remove it out of water (and your body) for a long time now. You see, there is only one way you can flush heavy water out of your body – drinking deuterium free water. Considering that all the water you drink (including mountain spring) has some deuterium in it, your only choice is to remove it yourself. Let me show you how…

Deuterium D2O has a freezing temperature of 3.82 (°C). The normal water H2O freezes at 0 (°C). I was looking at a patent database and found a patent for a system to remove “heavy water” from “light water” H2O. A Russian company claims all you need is to freeze about 2-3% of the water and the frozen part will contain most of the “heavy water”. Then you separate the remaining deuterium free water and discard the ice. The same Russian company markets “deuterium free” water for sale.

Here is how to make “deuterium free” water:

– Take a glass container (1 gallon) and fill it with filtered water 3/4 full.

– Put it in a freezer but make sure the lid has a small hole so the pressure can escape as the water expands while being frozen.

– When you follow the process for the first time, set the timer so you can see how much time it takes for the water to form an ice crust on the top. The ice will also be along the walls of the container as well.

– Make the hole in the ice on the top and pour the water out in a different container. Use a strainer to filter small pieces of ice. Discard the ice.

sun energizes waterHere are some ways to energize your deuterium free water:

– After you removed “heavy water”, put the remaining “light water” back in a freezer until it completely freezes up. Take the container out and let it stay in the sun until it returns to the original liquid state.

-You can repeat this process as many times as you want and the water “potency” will increase every time you do it. This process will resemble a process in Nature of turning water “from solid ice to liquid to vapor to liquid to solid ice…” You can even warm the water on the stove to be precise before you put it in the freezer but I don’t.

water frozen crystal – If you read “The Hidden Messages in Water“, you would know how words affect the water energy and structure. Considering we are 60-90% water, maybe we should watch what we say next time, huh? :) Put a label or write with a permanent marker on the container “Love”, “Bliss”, “Energy”, or whatever “energy message” you want your water to have. I find “Love” produces the sweetest water…

What to expect from doing all this?

You will find that the whole process will bring you closer to the water you drink. We spend time preparing food but almost no time on water, and maybe you will find out through your own experience (like I did) how magical and special the water can be if you let it. It is sweet without sugar and has so much energy that I wouldn’t recommend drinking it in the evening unless you want to stay up all night. It can really become your energy drink of choice. It will give you wings without giving you ulcers. Enjoy! :)


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