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Liver cleansing & spleen detoxification recipe

Total Blender I haveThis liver and spleen cleanser should be done by anyone at least once a year, even if you have a healthy diet and don’t drink alcohol. Go to a grocery store and buy a pound of red grapes (with seeds), 6 oranges and 3 lemons. Wash them well (read "Removing parasites and poisons from vegetables and fruits"). Now, to use my method, you need a powerful blender like Total Blender or Vita-Mix – got my Total Blender on Ebay for $250 :). A good blender is not cheap but I believe it’s one of the best things you can get for yourself in terms of preparing healthful meals in 5 minutes or less (I use my Total Blender to make raw soups and fruit shakes). Why do you need a powerful blender for this recipe? You may add some distilled water to the blender and I want you to blend everything including the peels of the fruit to the liquid state (sorry, but your $30 blender will break if you try).

To compromise, you can make juice out of all the fruit without the peels using whatever method you prefer but, just to note, citrus fruit has so many good elements in the peels and seeds (fibers, enzymes, vitamins and trace minerals), throwing them away is like discarding a plate full of food and licking off the remains for nourishment. Only a powerful blender can free the phytochemicals that normally are trapped in the fiber and pass straight through you without being absorbed by the body. Need I say more?

After you make the the juice, strain it through a cheesecloth or a really fine strainer to remove the pulp. The whole process from start to finish shouldn’t take more then 15 minutes. After you get the juice, add distilled water to it to make the mixture 1 gallon total (This is the only time i advise using distilled water. Never drink it all by itself as it will actually leak the minerals out of your body).

Drink 1 gallon of liquid you made throughout the day for a total of 2 days (1 gallon each day). If you combine this liver and spleen detoxification cleanser with fasting, it will be even more effective (that’s what I do). Also, a word of advise. After every time you drink the cleansing juice, rinse your teeth with water mixed with baking soda to neutralize the acid from the juice. Don’t, and it will destroy enamel of your teeth in no time. Happy cleansing!


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