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Orgone energy, orgonite, generators & accumulators

A lot of people are confused about what orgone is and how the term came into existence. There are a lot of products on the market today that claim to generate or accumulate orgone energy. Most of them are worthless pieces of junk and are not worth even a dollar, if you ask me. I mean, if you really think that a pyramid filled with metal shavings and quartz chunks is an orgone generator/accumulator then you deserve to part with your money. Better off, you should give your money to charity and you will receive a far greater benefit from it then putting a “pretty but worthless” copper filled “orgonite” on the table.

I compare current common orgone products to a car a retarded kid made out of cardboard. It has a shape like a car but that’s as far as it goes. You may ask: “How can you say that? I have an orgone pyramid and I definitely feel something”. My reply would be: “Sure, you would also feel something sitting in a cardboard car, but if you go and drive a real BMW, you would understand there is a world apart between a real orgone technology and a fake copper filled plastic.”

To make orgone producing materials you need a combination of two things. Metal of the right type and form and organic material of the right type and form.

Most people use coarse material like copper balls or shavings. To me it’s like building a computer with a brick as your CPU. You will wait a very long time for something to happen. In order to make orgonite/orgone material properly, your metal should be one of silver, gold or platinum, and in a form of very fine dust. These metals belong to the “Divine Triplet”, the sacred metals used extensively throughout history for magic and to enhance spiritual growth. I know that most of the people can’t afford gold and platinum, but silver can be very affordable. There could be a problem to find the precious metal dust. Try asking any jewelry findings businesses – they may be able to order an ounce for you if they don’t have it already. Some people will settle for sterling silver (92.5% pure silver and 7.5% other metals) shavings, but this is not as good as pure silver (99.9% Silver) particles of perfect round form and diameter. You want your homemade orgonite to work, don’t you?

Next, you need to get fine quartz crystal powder as your organic material. Crystal chunks used by most orgone product sellers are pretty but adding them to the pyramid or cone doesn’t make it orgonite. It makes it “Plastic pyramid with crystal chunks and copper balls in it” Only $59. Anyway, get crystal powder – some crystal businesses sell it cheap.

Next mix equal parts by volume crystal powder and silver (or gold, or platinum) powder. This is our ogonite base mix.

Before you start making your homemade orgonite, I want you consider what form you want your orgonite to take. Most people choose cone or pyramid. Those are powerful forms and will produce certain positive energy effects that many people confuse as the effects from ogonite. I like using either square, icosahedron or dodecahedron forms as they have much higher and more refined energies. These forms with the combination of true orgonite will produce real magical effects. Far beyond “Oh, I feel more energy, well kind of”.

Any platonic solids will do but consider this. The tetrahedron represents 3 dimensional energy (3D), The Octahedron (4D), The Cube (5D),  the Dodecahedron (6D) and the Icosahedron (7D). There are also higher forms but it’s not necessary to make them – platonic solids are powerful enough. Notice that the octahedron is made of 2 pyramids and some researchers speculate that what you see as the real Great Pyramid of Giza is only the top of the whole form.

Now, that you have the form you want to make, you have various options to do so. I make Dodecahedron using a real platonic metal form put into a rubber mold and heated to mold around that form. Then you just cut the rubber to remove the metal form and you have an empty rubber mold you can reuse 100’s of times. Find you own way to make it. Wood or metal would be another choice. Or clay.

Next, fill your mold about 70-80% with your mix of metal/crystal powder and pour liquid epoxy resin into the mold. Mix the liquid into the powder well and then add hardener to the mix. You need to do this part somewhere outside – the chemicals in the resin and hardener are toxic. Also, I would recommend, if you don’ t have experience working with epoxy before, try a few times with something else as an orgonite mix instead of using expensive metals/crystal powder.

This is it for now. Believe me when I say what you normally see selling as orgonite is nothing comparing to the orgonite made with ingredients and the forms I just described. You can do real magic/healing/etc. with this stuff and you will see very fast results.

I will post pictures of already made orgonite made out of precious metals and crystal powder when I have time. Here is an article on the history of Wilhelm Reigh and his discovery of orgone energy. It will help you understand better what ongone is and the person behind it.

Update (5/3/2010): I receive once in a while a message from a reader in a form similar to this:  “Lies Lies all lies! ‘Smile,’ where on earth did you learn to build orgonite? Sad, that you try to deceive, when cheap metal works just as well, if not better.” The interesting part of this, I’d talked extensively to the person who put the word “orgonite” into existense – Karl Hans Welz, a very nice and knowledgeable person I must say. Lets also say I’ve been experimenting with making orgonite for over 15 years. So when people send me those types of messages, it’s laughable and amusing, at least. I truly doubt they bought pure gold, silver and platinum to build something worth testing. It’s like a person who used to drive Geo Metro insists it’s just as good as the latest model of Aston Martin. It does the job of driving, I agree. Will it win you a race? Doubt it.

I’m not making any money on selling orgonite of any kind nor I will in the nearest future. The orgonite that I described above works for any purposes you desire. You either take the info and make your own and see what it can do for you or you continue with using copper balls and shavings. But please don’t send me emails that you know what you are talking about and I don’t because you have build a thousand of copper pyramids. It’s not going to change my opinion nor I’m not trying to change yours by arguing. Words don’t mean anything – only actual practical testing can prove what I’m talking about. Like I said, I don’t really care to change your mind… I’m just sharing my experiments.

Dr. Wilhelm Reich and his orgone energy

Orgone energy was originally discovered by Dr. Wilhelm Reich after 40 years of hard research. Before beginning his researches about ergonomic energy, Dr. Reich was known as a scientist of integrity and had e very good international reputation. He was Sigmund Freud’s protégé while studying for his doctorate and after graduation he became a clinical assistant at Freud’s Psychoanalytical Clinic. During some experiments performed while working at the clinic, he accidentally discovered some radiation particles which he afterward named orgone. He also demonstrated his orgone energy theory to the famous physicist Albert Einstein who said “this would be a bombshell to physics”.

Dr. Wilhelm Reich was born in Austria in 1897. He was the son of a wealthy farmer and he was educated first by his mother and then by various tutors. He proved to be a very intelligent young boy, excelling in his studies partly because of his father’s volcanic temper that erupted even for the insignificant mistakes. Until the age of 17 he lost both of his parents and was forced to run the farm by himself for a short period of time. Later he begun attending some classes at the University of Vienna and in 1922 Reich graduated as a doctor of medicine. Around the mid 1930’s, Dr. Reich started noticing an energetic connection that is shared by all living beings which he called orgone energy and for almost 40 years he worked very hard to demonstrate its laws and study its various manifestations.

When Dr. Reich started his researches, he didn’t intend to revolutionize the scientific world or to discover the cosmic truth. He just saw something unusual and began to research it. He simply experimented and observed new and fascinating things every day, organizing the facts as they appeared. He first discovered orgone energy by accident while he was conducting some experiments about the idea of airborne infection. By mistake an assistant took a wrong container and performed some experiments on it which lead to development of some yellow growth. When they observed the growth under high magnification they saw that it glimmered an intense blue color that in time grows. Dr. Reich called them “bions”. During the days of the experiments with “bions”, the doctor observed that his eyes became very sensitive to light and they were hurting him especially when looking at the “bions” through his microscope. Another strange thing he noticed was that an unexpected suntan was developing under his clothes, fact that seriously worried him until he used a radium electroscope to test the “bions” and the result of the test was negative. In just few weeks after that, when he was making further experiments in his dark home laboratory he noticed that he emitted a blue glimmer and the room was filled with a blue vapor. So, Dr. Reich concluded that the newly discovered orgone emission was not radioactive and was present everywhere.

Dr. Reich didn’t know at the beginning that he discovered the energy responsible for the creation of nature. Orgone energy was best described as the “creative force in nature”. Other scientists called it in different ways like: animal magnetism, odyle, vital force, chi or entelechy. The great scientist Sigmund Freud made some observations regarding the orgone emissions and its functioning in human emotions and called it libido. Other dozens of well known or less known scientists have acknowledged the presence of the energy called orgone and many of them have given it a name to describe its special characteristics. In the 17th until 19th century many of the essential features of orgone science were included in the mechanistic science and the concept was known as ether. At the same time, mystical human beings have gathered the main qualities of the same concept and called it God.

Dr. Reich also studied the orgone theory in his psychiatric work and because he worked so close with Sigmund Freud he had a good starting point, Freud’s concept of libido. As seen by Freud, libido is the desire, the source of human motivation, the life energy. Starting from here Reich developed the concept of libido until he was capable of linking the bodily attitude with emotions. In order to do this he mainly concentrated on the material expression of the libido and concurrently on its psychological content. His entire work regarding this subject was published in “Character Analysis” a book that reveals the mystery of the relation between mind and body. This was the starting point of his work on orgone energy and he didn’t stop here, but went further on into sociology and political science. In these fields he discovered very clearly that the sickness of man was socially transmitted and all his theories were included in other books like: “The mass psychology of fascism”, “The sexual revolution” and “People in trouble”.

His research about orgone theory did not stop here; he begun to generalize and expand his views about the libidinal concept to other general areas of medicine and biology. At this stage of his work about the libidinal energy he started to develop this concept into a more tangible theory that was called “bioelectricity”. At first he used the term of “bioelectricity”, but in time the term was changed to orgone energy. This stage of his works was recorded in two of his books: “The function of the orgasm” and “The cancer biopathy”.

Dr. Reich first discovered orgone energy in the human body but in time, through scrupulous experiment and observation, he proved that this energy exists in free form in the atmosphere. With the new results of his studies he goes beyond the limits of biology and enters into meteorology and atmospheric physics. All his work into this domain was described into a series of articles known under the title of “weather control studies” and a book called “The oranur experiment”.

Although Dr. Reich advanced very much with his researches about orgone theory he did not stop here; he went further on and finally arrived at the final and most general stage of his discoveries: the cosmic function of orgone energy in the universe. At this phase he entered into the territory of astronomy and astrophysics and his discoveries concerning these two domains are included in the following two books: “Cosmic superimposition” and “Ether, God and devil”.

Even though Dr. Wilhelm Reich extended his work about orgone energy into so many fields, from psychiatry and medicine to biology, from biology to physics, astronomy and astrophysics, his work remained focused. No matter how many fields he covered the essential features of orgone theory remained the same. As his work advanced, many new properties were discovered but at the same time the properties discovered in the beginning remained valid within all the domains. That is because all Reich’s work and each of his discoveries is a logical progression from the previous one, and each new area included into his studies is a broader form of the previous more restricted area studied before.

Throughout his 40 years of work on the orgone energy, Dr. Reich made many experiments that prove the existence of this energy and that it has the properties that he discovered. But not only Dr. Reich made such experiments. There were also scientists like: Mesmer, Reinchenbach, Bergson, Charles Littlefield and others, that have also made experiments and observations about orgone theory and they confirmed the work and results of Dr. Reich. Some of these scientists even published volumes of good experimental studies.

One of Dr. Reich’s most remarkable experiments is the Oranur experiment which is also very detailed presented into his book “The Oranur experiment”. This experiment was a dangerous one because it involved radioactive material and one of the physicians that was involved nearly died. The test consisted of introducing nuclear energy in the form of radioactive material into very strong fields of orgone energy. The results were bigger and wider than they expected. The radioactivity severely spread into the atmosphere more then the scientists expected and it raged out of control for months. As a result, the radiation levels measured with several different Geiger counters were discovered to have dangerously increased and spread over a greater area then the scientist expected. The radiation levels were so high that people participating at the experiment became ill and had to leave the area. The radioactivity reached even further places like a building nearby the laboratory that was housing experimental animals. All the animals in the building died and the autopsies performed by the physicians present showed that all of them had symptoms of radiation death. This experiment gives many evidences that the orgone energy exists and it is everywhere. The results of the Oranur experiment cannot be disputed by anyone for several reasons: at the experiment there were present qualified scientists that had a very strong reputation, the measures during the experiment were made with several and not only one instrument, each of the observations recorded were made repeatedly. Apart from these irrefutable reasons there is one that it’s not directly linked with any science but it is still a good reason: the results of the experiment are totally inexplicable in terms of traditional physics.

Another one of Dr. Reich’s experiments was the “Experiment XX” and it was made to show the transition from non-living to living matter. In the course of the experiment it was used orgone energy charged water. This water was obtained by combining and boiling water and soil. The solution obtained is filtered, sterilized under pressure and kept in sterile containers, some of the containers being also frozen. After some time the sterilized, frozen containers were defrosted and they contained flakes of matter. The flakes were microscopically analyzed and they proved to have the characteristics of living cells: reproduction, pulsation and spontaneous movement. This experiment was repeated by other scientists and all of them had the same conclusion: living forms can develop from clear and autoclaved solutions.

To prove the existence of orgone energy, Dr. Reich also made some visual observations and he has described many situations under which orgone phenomena was observed. The daytime observations were more successful and much more easily to make. For this experiment a small telescope is needed. The telescope should be placed near an ocean or a lake and set up in such way to look out parallel with the surface of the water, above the water level. The pulsatory movement of the orgone phenomena can be easily observed above the water level between a few inches and a few feet. This phenomenon cannot be attributed to the effect of the surface wind because many times it has been observed to have a direction traverse or opposed to that of the wind blowing on the surface of the water.

Other visual observations were made in darkrooms but these are more difficult to make because they necessitate absolute darkness and an observer with a good night vision. Both these conditions are harder to obtain and this is why darkroom observations are more difficult to realize. Yet, these experiments are also important and demonstrate the existence of the energy field of the body and also the effects of orgone energy devices. These darkroom experiments are closely related to other experiments made by Baron Charles von Reichenbach, more then 100 years before. At that time, the Baron was trying to demonstrate the existence of the “odic force” which is very much identical with the orgone force.

Many of Dr. Reich’s experiments were made also by other well known or less known scientist which in their turn confirmed the doctor’s results. For example, the weather experiments made with a weather control device, otherwise called the “cloudbuster”, have brought additional evidence of the existence of orgone phenomena. This device looks very much like an antenna and Dr. Reich claimed that it could be used to produce rainfalls, to break droughts and could dissipate clouds by simply retreating energy from them. In order to work properly the “cloudbuster” has to be grounded into water and it can attract orgone energy from the sky in the direction it is pointed. The experiments made by other scientist proved that the Reich weather control device does precisely what the doctor said it does. When the antenna was pointed towards some clouds, they shrieked and disappeared from the sky while other clouds not pointed by the “cloudbuster” remained the same. All this experiments are supported by hard evidence which include many photographs taken before, during and after the experiment. The rainmaking experiments of Dr. Reich are more difficult to put together because they need careful preparation, certain conditions and a very skilled user of the antenna. Yet, Dr. Reich and all the other scientists that have carried out experimental rain-making operations had approximately the same results: unpredicted rain started within 36 hours after the experiment. In one experiment that was made in 1954 in the desert around Tucson (Arizona), Dr. Reich successfully brought rain by using his cloudbuster. And not only that he managed to bring rain in a desert area, but the newly balanced orgone made the grass to grow a foot tall in the area where the experiments was taking place. This amazing thing happened before the rain even started and I stretched for some 40 to 80 miles to the east and the north of the city where the experiment was happening. Because the cloudbuster attracts dead orgone into the device it puts at great risk the operator and the atmosphere itself, so it takes incredible skill to be able to safely work with it, skill that died with Dr. Reich and remained buried with him.

Following his experiments done in almost 40 years of scientific activity, Dr. Reich concluded that orgone energy is the creative force in nature, the particular life energy. We cannot say that orgone is a form of electromagnetism or of matter, yet it is essential to both. Following his experiments Dr. Reich obtained a very clear and constant picture of what orgone is and what are its characteristics. First of all orgone force has no weight. Because it is mass free it cannot be measured with conventional instruments and techniques. Yet, orgone force surrounds all matter and when trying to take measurements of weight or inertia, the results include the characteristics of the object and the energy field that surrounds it.

Orgone energy, as Dr. Reich said, is everywhere and is in continuous motion. The energy is present everywhere in various concentrations and it constantly moves. Under suitable conditions it can be easily observed. After several experiments Dr. Reich observed that the motion of the energy has at least two distinctive types: a pulsation (alternating expansion and contraction) and a flow that usually goes along a curving lane. Also, this energy is considered to be the substratum of almost all natural phenomena. The experiments of Dr. Reich concluded that this energy is the medium in which electromagnetic and gravitational fields exercise force and in which light moves.

Many of Dr. Reich experiments showed that orgone force contradicts the law of entropy. All processes in nature work in accordance with the law of entropy, meaning that, for example, heat or electricity always has an “upward” direction from higher to lower potential. In other words, heat leaves the sun and goes out into space and not the other way around, meaning that the heat does not collect from the space and flows into the sun. This process and other like it are in harmony with the law of entropy. We cannot say the same thing about orgone energy. This energy is attracted by higher concentrations of orgone energies. So the direction in which orgone energies flow is opposite to the law of entropy: from the lower to higher potential. This means that if somewhere there is higher concentrations of orgone energies they will attract the energy from the lower concentrations. Even though the flow of orgone force is from lower to higher potential, totally opposite to the law of entropy, we cannot try to represent these processes by reversing the sign of the time parameter.

From the above mentioned property of orgone force we can deduct that orgonotic processes are completely unlike entropic processes. Furthermore, orgonotic processes are responsible for a lot of other processes like: the development of living things, the evolution from simple to complex, the process of learning, increase of clouds and storms in the environment and even for the development of galaxies and stars. So, we can say that orgone energy builds units that are the focus of creative activity. These units mentioned before can be living or non-living things. Living units are cells, plants, animals and more, while non-living unites can be stats, galaxies, planets, clouds, storms, etc. Even though these units are so different they have some features in common. For once all of them are negatively entropic, in other words they are not flowing into the direction of the law of entropy, and the second thing that all units have in common is that all of them have a life cycle, passing throughout birth, growth, adulthood and decline.

Another one of the most important properties of orgone energy is that it is responsible for the existence of life. Orgonic energy is the one that gives certain characteristics to living things which greatly differentiate them from non-living things. In other words, all units are created with the help of organic energy but in addition some of them, also with the help of organic energy, develop some special qualities that are associated with life. First characteristic that differentiate non-living units from living units is the reproduction process; living units have the ability to reproduce similar units from one or two parents. Another feature of the living things is that these units are evolving; they are going in the direction of higher development. The third quality of living things is that they are able to control their own movements, meaning the living units are able to make their own decisions. Living things have also another very important characteristic that should not be forgotten: the presence of consciousness. That is what mostly makes the difference between living units and non-living units: they have the ability to experience feelings and to observe the environment. And responsible for all these differences between various units is the orgonic energy.

Among all the properties of orgonic energy there is one that is of great importance: matter is created from organic energy. Because of the presence of organic energy, new matter is continuously being created on this planet. Through his experiments Dr. Reich confirmed that in proper conditions, that are not rare or unusual conditions, matter can develop from mass-free orgone energy.

Dr. Reich demonstrated that organic energy is attracted by higher concentrations of the same energy. So, another essential feature of orgone energy is that two separate streams of organic energy can be drawn to each other and can superimpose. This feature is valid for living units and also for non-living units. In free space when to streams of organic energy are attracted to each other and superimpose they take the shape of a spiral. In living things the same process occurs, but the form is controlled by the structure of each individual. Regarding the superimposition function in living things we can say that it is represented by the matting process. During this process two different flows of energy run together and superimpose through the orgasm. The intensity of the orgonic energy flow that takes place during matting is showed by the depth of feeling and the power of the orgasm. Regarding non-living things, we can say that the same thing is happening: two streams of orgonic energy flow attracted to each other and converge in a spiral. We can easily se the spiral form of the flow during cyclonic storms and in the form of the hurricanes. The same form can also be seen in the spiral galaxies.

Another one of orgonic energy’s properties is the ability to use stored energy to develop and grow. The energy is stored in various ways and in the processes of building themselves up, maintaining and increasing, the units use this accumulated energy. This feature of the orgone energy can be seen almost everywhere. Animals use the chemical energy of foods in metabolism and growth. Like animals, men grow and increase their size or strength by utilizing the energies accumulated from foods. The same thing can also be said about a storm, the only difference being that it utilizes the stored energy that comes from the latent heat of condensation of water vapors. Even the starts are growing using the stored energies that come from the heat of thermonuclear fusion that maintains their high temperatures.

Dr. Reich demonstrated during his experiments that spontaneous generation of living organisms frequently occurs when certain laboratory conditions are imposed and also when natural conditions are used. This is another one of the properties of orgone energy. During several experiments made in laboratory conditions imposed by the scientists, unplanned creation of living organisms has been observed. These imposed conditions are abnormal and very different from the conditions met in every day life. But living things can also arise in more natural conditions, feature that was demonstrated during the “Experiment XX” when from sterilized solution that has been kept in sealed containers some flakes of matter have appeared. These flakes also appear regularly in the same solution that is being kept unsealed.

Among Dr. Reich’s discoveries there is one that has a great importance: orgonic energy can be manipulated and controlled with the help of orgone energy devices. Dr. Reich developed several devices that control this energy, but two of the most important devices are the accumulator and the weather control apparatus. Before Dr. Reich’s accumulator, another scientist, Mesmer, developed a device called the “bacquet” that was a simple but effective device that very much resembles with the orgone energy accumulator. This accumulator is basically an enclosed space filled with several layers of metallic and non-metallic materials which result in concentration of energy within this enclosed space. The other device created by Dr. Reich, the weather control apparatus, has the same importance as the accumulator. It looks very much like an antenna that, used in the correct way, can attract large quantities of the orgonic energy from a certain region of the atmosphere. With this weather control apparatus, a skilled user can trigger major changes in the weather.

The orgone energy accumulator is the most widely known device of Dr. Reich. The good doctor worked on his invention between the years 1936 – 1939. The accumulator started to be used from the year of 1940 and since then it has been ridiculed in the professional publications and also in mass media. This hostile attitude is continuing also today, many years after Dr. Reich’s death. Even though the apparatus is not recognized by official medicine, it is used, with success as some people claim, in the traditional medicine. And because the official medicine is not the one that can say if this accumulator has or has not good effects on humans, it is the duty of those who work with this apparatus and have seen or experienced its healing power, to perform experiments. Who better then the people that have felt the power of this accumulator can say how experiments should be performed. In case that clinical trial will be made with the accumulator and good results will be obtained, the recognition of this apparatus by the official medicine will soon follow. In the past few years we have seen many alternative medical practices that have been included into the conventional medicine. Like these alternative medicine practices that have demonstrated their usefulness along the years and nowadays they are used by doctors even in the operating rooms, the accumulator can at his turn be recognized and used in official medicine. This way, will become reality one of Dr. Reich’s beliefs that the accumulator would eventually be recognized by official medicine and used therapeutically.

The experiments made by Dr. Reich during his carrier demonstrated that orgone is repelled by metal objects and absorbed by organic material. So, he tried to make a device that would collect and accumulate the orgone energy from the atmosphere. What came out of his several trials was a box, big enough so to permit a person to sit in it, that was made of alternate layers of metal – which attract and rapidly repel orgone – and organic material (wool) – which absorb and hold the energy. He called these boxes orgone accumulators. The first person that had the possibility to experiment this orgone accumulator was Dr. Reich himself. During his experimentation he was able to notice orgone in its various forms: a bluish gray, fog-like formation, rapid rays, or blue-violet luminous dots. Also, he was able to measure orgone with a thermometer, an electroscope as well as with a Geiger counter.

When experimenting with these orgone energy accumulators, Dr. Reich discovered that the inside of a metal box that is coated with organic and inorganic materials contains a higher concentration of orgone energy, concentration that was detectable by a higher temperature reading inside the accumulator. So, the orgone is present in the accumulator. The patient has to sit inside the accumulator and absorb the energy through his skin and lungs. Of course that orgone is not present only inside the accumulator: it is present in the body and in the atmosphere that surrounds it. Yet, the effects of orgone are much improved inside the accumulator because there the energy is much more concentrated then in the atmosphere. When a person, who has his own energy field, comes in contact with this orgone accumulating device that has his own energy field, the two fields excite each other and create a stronger excitation called “lamination”. Dr. Reich discovered that this increased orgonotic charge is very beneficial for the living systems. Further investigations have shown that the orgone accumulator helps to strengthen the immune system, improve circulation and increase the energy levels. Also, it helps induce relaxation and a feeling of expansion by stimulating the body’s parasympathetic system. So, the orgone accumulator basically helps the body to help itself in the healing process.

Experiments made with the orgone accumulator have shown that the temperature inside the accumulator is a little higher than the temperature of the surrounding environment. Subjects that have been tested and kept into the accumulator for an average of 40 minutes have shown slight rises of their body’s temperature. This increase of the body’s temperature is a consequence of the body being charged with a higher orgone energy level by the accumulator. This accumulation of energy levels can explain the rise in the body’s temperature and also the other therapeutic effects. The fact that subjects were not told the purpose of the experiments did not minimize the effects of the orgone accumulator. These effects disappeared only when the accumulator was replaced with a simple insulated box, even if the subjects were aware of the experiment’ purpose. Dr. Reich treated several of his patients with this orgone accumulator. He even managed to cure some cancer patients that have been declared terminal by the orthodox medicine. He included all his documented work about cancer patients into his book “Cancer Biopathy” released in 1948. But because he was a careful man of science he did not declare the orgone accumulator as being the treatment for cancer.

Instead of accepting Dr. Reich’s ideas, the scientific community responded with anger and hatred. Rather then destroying the work of Dr. Reich the scientific community should have conducted investigations on their own to see and prove that orgone theory is correct or not. Doctor’s work and knowledge about orgone energy should have been further investigated at least for the benefit of mankind. The scientific community, politically motivated, tried to destroy any documents that even mention the word orgone. The campaign against Dr. Reich began whit two negative press articles about his work with cancer patients and about the orgone accumulator. Soon after these articles have been published, the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) started an investigation about orgone. At the end of the investigations the FDA declared the accumulators a sham and they pretended that orgone does not exist. An injunction issued by a judged ordered that all orgone accumulators rented or owned by Dr. Reich and those working with him should be destroyed and all tagging referring to orgone should also be destroyed. Dr. Reich did not personally attend to the trial; he chose to defend himself by letter. Two years after the injunction was imposed the doctor was jailed for the contempt of the injunction, because one of his associates did not obey the injunction and still owned an accumulator. Dr. Wilhelm Reich died in prison of heart failure after 8 months of detention. The doctor requested in his last will and testament that his work to be sealed for 50 years and maybe after that time the world will accept and continue his work.

Until the year 1962 all the books and papers of Dr. Reich about orgone energy have been burned. The campaign against the doctor’s work continued until 1970. The United States government declared that orgone doesn’t exist and all prints that contained the word orgone, even only once, should be destroyed. Almost 15 years after his death, the government made another try to wipe the work of Dr. Reich by removing the word orgone from the dictionary.

Dr. Reich’s work is not recorded in any history book. His books from his later carrier are regarded as unscientific, and students of psychology and sociology choose to study his earlier editions of his works the ones printed in Germany. Normally, a scientist’s work is picked up and continued by other scientists after his death. This is not what happened with Dr. Wilhelm Reich and his work about orgone energy.


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