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How to regrow or repair bad teeth naturally

Yes, it is possible to repair and even regrow your teeth using a completely natural method that is actually based on science. A team of Alberta researchers applied for a patent that claims they created a miniature device that will stimulate the jaw bones and gums around the affected tooth. Using the low intensity ultrasound technology, they claim they were able to regrow the root of a tooth and stimulate tooth grow and repair.

Although the technology is not going to be in your local dental office for a few years, I believe we don’t have to wait for it and apply the common sense to do the whole process ourselves. First, we need a low frequency ultrasound source and from all the legally (you can’t buy a real ultrasound machine unless you are a doctor) available sources two come to mind.

Novasonic massagerFirst is a Novasonic Massager that can generate a sound vibration of 20,000 Hertz. It is not your regular massager and all you have to do is slightly touch the skin and you can feel the sound waves go deep within your body. I have one myself and love using it.

ultrasound device for teethSecond device is more sophisticated and you can find them selling on Ebay. The link searches for the Ebay results for “ultrasound massager” and you will see a bunch of them selling from $100 to $150. They are much more powerful then a Novasonic model and can generate up to 3-5 mHz frequency, so be very careful when using one. You should get one that generates only 1-2 mHz, as 3-5 mHz vibrations don’t go very far – about 1/8″-1/4″ deep.

So, what I do is I apply the sound waves from the device to my teeth and gums for a few minutes every day and get a gentle but thorough massage this way. A lot of people recommend massaging gums with your fingers but I don’t think it’s enough. You need the right type of stimulation – that’s what the researchers in Canada found out. Ultrasound goes right through the bones, joints and other hard tissue- regular massage doesn’t.

The next important thing is the nutrition for your teeth so they have enough nutrients to grow. You don’t expect your house plant to grow without water, do you? And now you are probably thinking that I’m going to talk about calcium and such, and you can’t be more wrong. Of course, calcium is important for your bone growth and formation but even more important for your hair, nails and teeth is the mineral called Silica (Silicon). You don’t have enough of this mineral in your diet and you can take a ton of calcium and brush your teeth 5 times a day and still will be loosing your teeth just like your hair in the shower as you get older.

There is a formula that is known to provide a sufficient nutritional support for your tooth repair/growth. It will improve your teeth, bones and connective tissue, and will also help calcium metabolize in your body (without it most of your calcium will go right through you, especially if you take it as a part of a common multi-vitamin formula).

1 part Kelp seaweed, 1 part Oatstraw, 1 part Horsetail. Get 1 ounce of the formula in 1 pint of filtered water to a boiling temperature and let it simmer for 20 minutes. Drink half a cap in the morning and evening every day until you see the improvement.

If you don’t want to bother with herbs, there is another cool product called G5 Organic Silica and among my friends it’s their favorite supplement for bone support. This product is coming from Spain so it takes about a month to get it.

From all the products that you don’t have to make yourself or import overseas, only one I would recommend: Biosil by Natrol.

In addition to silica, a good trace multi-mineral formula is in order. Body is a complex working machine and if it’s deficient of something, it will take it away from your organs/bones in order to function properly. It is a well known fact that our diet is deficient of most trace minerals – we simply don’t eat enough of fruits/vegetables. Even if we did, some dietitians now say the current agricultural produce is not what it used to be. So the obvious answer is to find a good supplement who would provide us with all the trace minerals we need. The best variety of choices for 72 colloidal mineral supplements is Ebay. And very cheap, I would say, comparing to your local vitamin shop.

Another major problem you should address is your tooth care. No matter how much effort you put in taking supplements and the ultrasound stimulation, if you don’t care for your teeth properly, it’s all in vain. All popular toothpastes on the market that you see being sold are worthless when it comes to teeth regrowth. Why is that, you ask? Well, ALL of them (including Organic healthy brands like “Tom’s of Maine”) contain glycerin which covers your teeth every time you brush them and prevents re-enamelization. Based on studies, it takes up to 20 washes to remove glycerin off your teeth, so you may guess for most people having healthy teeth is almost an impossible task. No matter how many times you brush them, because of glycerin, fluoride and other additives in your common toothpaste, your teeth can’t rebuild enamel nor get healthy mineral support. Just ask yourself: Why do most people have cavities by the age of 20 even though they brush their teeth twice a day? Sure, proper diet is important but it’s just a part of a bigger problem.

The solution: Make your own tooth paste.  Here is the recipe:

  1. Extra virgin olive oil  2 part
  2. Unprocessed Coconut oil 1 part
  3. Baking soda 1/10 part
  4. Tea tree oil 1/10 part
  5. Spearmint or Peppermint oil 1/10 part
  6. Unprocessed Sea salt 1/50 part
  7. Eucalyptus oil 1/10 part
  8. Food grade Hydrogen peroxide 1/100 part

You can remove one or two ingredients from #3-8 and it will still work. I used to do it until I became too lazy and found a product on a market called Dr. Bronner bar soap – so I buy that instead of making my own.

Use either Dr. Bronner soap or the above formula every day and you will feel the difference right away. A couple of my friends experienced their fillings falling out of their teeth because the tooth would grow back to normal. One girl had to go to the dentist for a root canal and they had to postpone the procedure because the dentist couldn’t find a problem.

Update: Atom Bergstrom, the author of “Yes, No, Maybe Chronobiotic Nutrition” recommended eating onions, garlic and cheese from 6:15 to 6:30 PM (kidney meridian is the most active during those hours). He actually suggests chewing it to liquid and hold it in your mouth for 15 minutes so the minerals in the food nourish your teeth and help them rebuild. The idea is very interesting, but I would take it a bit in a different direction and use trace mineral/vitamin formula and hold it in my mouth instead. It would be more absorbent, at least. Or try Hyland’s Bioplasma Cell Salts. Experiment with this a let me know. I will do the same.

All of this stuff is a “work in progress”. I will write more as I get more experiential information.


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